Friday, September 25, 2009

Flavor Paper

Flavor Paper has me licking my lips:-) I just took some time to revisit my love for wallpaper and am loving it! I haven't had the project for fun wallpaper in awhile and I'm really missin it! I've been working with alot of tiles, and they really need to catch up with the wallpaper-like porcelains. The damask tile just isn't cutting it anymore!

Chinatown Toile has been around for a bit in the design world, but the average person may not have noticed it. We were at a going away party at a bar a couple months back and they had this Chinatown Toile on the wall. I pointed it out to one of my friends and I noticed my friends going back there throughout the night to look at the wallpaper. It is definitely something you may walk by again and again without noticing the detail, but when you do you could stare at it for hours!

Onda just does something for me! I love the color combination and the organic details!

Oooohhhh...Luxury, you're just that! How fun is this multi-dimensional work of art?!

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