Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fires of the Night :-(

image via NY Daily News

My throat has been hurting, my eyes are burning, and the skies have been gray all day. The California Wildfires are burning out of control and my heart goes out to all of those that have lost their homes and loved ones during this time. I have so much respect these firefighters, what an incredible job they have been doing...I can't even imagine! They are expecting the fires to hit Mt. Wilson before 2 am tonight, but let's just hope the weather works in their favor. Many of you probably aren't familiar with the Angeles National Forest (the area that has been destroyed in these fires), but let me just tell you this is home to some of the most gorgeous hiking trails in Southern California and a true source of inspiration! Here's a little room interpretation of the fire of the night...let's keep our fingers crossed that this fire can be contained!

DesignLush: Twig Chandelier, Single Slab Pine Library with Glass Shelves, Night Frost Rug, Tipping Point Lounge Chair + Mogenson High Back Sofa

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