Wednesday, September 16, 2009

51N4E Architects>>>PERFECTION!

Wowzer, that's all I can say right now! Check out this weekend home in the historical center of Bruges by architects 51N4E and let me know your thoughts on this marvelous transformation! You all know I love patterned tiles, rustic elements mixed with pure modern design, black and white, as well as cobalt blue, and this place has it all!!! I must say I'm a little jealous of these darling homeowners!


  1. I love that painted staircase! I got my Wallproject Books in the mail – thanks again, Annie May! Can't wait to dive into its inspiration.

  2. love that staircase and i love your blog. the banner and name are too cool!

  3. Yay Jen! I'm glad you finally received it! Thanks Chelsea for stopping by. I'm really glad you're enjoying Yolksy and thanks for the comments...I love them!