Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farmers Daughter Lincoln City

I have had so much fun working on this boutique hotel renovation in Lincoln City, Oregon. Those in Los Angeles may be familiar with Farmer's Daughter Hotel, well this is her sister and she lives with her cousin Surftides on the amazing coast of Oregon. I am giving you a glimpse of the inspiration and the final pictures will be posted this summer. Let's just say needlepoint deer bench, bentwood rocking chairs, midcentury sofas, sunflowers, shabby chic, black and white gingham, screenprint on plaid, and Amy Butler. Oh yeah let's not forget the large farm animal murals and sunflower signage. FDH Group is able to stay with the times, but not keep with the trends. Always thinking outside the box and have a very successful future ahead of them creating fabulous art hotels.

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