Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Dream: Tiny Victorian Cottage

If you can't find me this week, pretty sure it's because I ran off to this magical Tiny Victorian Cottage in the Catskills! I think I could talk Ms. Foster into doing a housing swap, don't you think?Ms. Foster renovated this little hunting cabin on a $3000 budget and has created her dream shabby chic retreat, even though it doesn't have a kitchen or a bathroom.
Seriously, this looks like a little bit of heaven! Can you just imagine waking up to the sound of chirping birds, a soft breeze, and the sunshine!
The chandeliers sparkle with grace as they float from the ceiling.
These salvaged doors frame the gorgeous stacks of Limoges china.

Ms. Foster, it looks stunning! Wow, can you believe she renovated this place herself! When Ms. Foster is not retreating in her gorgeous cottage, she resides across the stream in this 1971 mobile home with her husband Mr. Foster. The simple life...oh how I miss thee!

I highly suggest checking out the entire story at New York Times!

Photo credit: Trevor Tondro

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, To Retreat!

Man I feel like I need a nap, some shade, and some A/C on this hot summer day. I wouldn't mind retreating to this home designed by Cadaval & Solà-Morales
in the mountains of Canejan, Vall d’Aran, Spain
for a few hours! What a serene place! I think I might even enjoy washing my dishes after my nap just so I could take in the view for a bit longer:-)

images via ArchDaily

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dana Barnes: Textile Designer

Dana Barnes, a fashion designer turned textile designer, is living [in] my dream! Her wide open loft space has inspired her latest collection of work which is called Souled Objects. She has softened her sparse space through the placement of her felted objects around her studio. With her offices on the top floor and the artists working throughout, i must say, this is my ideal live/work situation. Check out the entire article here.

I just want to take my shoes off and stand on this felted rug! I bet it feels like a bit of heaven underfoot!
Just how gorgeous are these textures?

The top felted rug reminds me of bubbles overflowing from the bathtub and the bottom one like a gopher got loose in the garden! I love them both equally! And the most exciting thing about this all...soon her collection will debut at BDDW, one of my all time favorite stores!

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 14

It's been awhile, but here is my latest Beat Boxed post from Design Milk.
Introducing...the Bloody Beetroots!

The Bloody Beetroots from Italy, heard of them? No, this is not some band that debuted at the Salon Internationale del Mobile in April, but I thought it seemed fitting since I have not written a Beat Boxed post since before Milan. Many of you may be obsessed with them, a few of you may have heard about them, some of you may have absolutely no idea who they are, but no matter what the Bloody Beetroots are taking the club and electronic music scene to new levels. Bob Rifo and Tommy Tea are turning the world of electronic music upside down and changing the entire concept. These are not a couple of guys twiddling knobs; this is the DJ set as primal punk rock show. You can expect to find a full drum kit on stage, every keyboard or synth you’d expect to find in a studio, and even guitars; three people playing instruments, being mixed by a fourth person…LIVE. Their shows are about the experience and the insane amounts of energy being shared between the Bloody Beetroots and the fans. This is a show where absolutely everyone will be dancing as the beats are thrown down.

Bob Rifo is the mastermind behind the Venom mask and the Bloody Beetroots. It is he who is responsible for their myriad creations. After years of studying classical music such as Beethoven and Debussy, Rifo tuned into the punk, electronic, and 80’s new wave music. After a “dizzying odyssey” called his first solo project, Rifo created Bloody Beetroots as his alter ego which draws on all of his life experiences to date. His goal is to work with artists around the world, and poise Bloody Beetroots as a truly international sound. “I want to sit at the table with a Chinese person one day, and the next with an African, and the day after with a Vietnamese, and absorb their different cultures, to learn and to inspire myself and my music,” Rifo insists. Ok Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo I will get the table set!

1. Hanging Rope: La Cima by Opinion Ciatti 2. Artwork: Unbearable No. 1 by Calle Henzel 3. Lighting: Maze by Northern Lighting 4. Memory Chair by Tokujin Yoshioka 5. Chair: Sedia Alieno by CasaMania 6. Rug: Studio 102 By Henzel 7. Table: N7 by Casamania 8. 58N Salt and Pepper Shaker by Normann Copenhagen 9. Jerry 1 Lamp by CasaMania

As a band that is constantly redefining the way people view the music and scene in which they perform, the space must represent the same ideals. The pieces of furniture although traditional in their purpose are breaking all sorts of boundaries. Come on in, hang your coat up on that rope over there…no it’s not an escape route! Have a seat in this memory chair…don’t worry it won’t forget you! Oh I’ll get the milk…oops that’s a light! I am sure they will be projecting the amazing creation of their latest video “DOMINO” on these stark white walls. This song and the video, through the combination of music, image, and cinematography, defines their commitment of exploration of the ways to build another conception in music.