Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dana Barnes: Textile Designer

Dana Barnes, a fashion designer turned textile designer, is living [in] my dream! Her wide open loft space has inspired her latest collection of work which is called Souled Objects. She has softened her sparse space through the placement of her felted objects around her studio. With her offices on the top floor and the artists working throughout, i must say, this is my ideal live/work situation. Check out the entire article here.

I just want to take my shoes off and stand on this felted rug! I bet it feels like a bit of heaven underfoot!
Just how gorgeous are these textures?

The top felted rug reminds me of bubbles overflowing from the bathtub and the bottom one like a gopher got loose in the garden! I love them both equally! And the most exciting thing about this all...soon her collection will debut at BDDW, one of my all time favorite stores!


  1. Wow... this is pretty awesome stuff.

  2. Those things look so cozy! Great stuff!

  3. Dana Barnes is a perfect Textile Designer, just look her work that's terrific, I prefer knitting my own creations than buying it, because I can add the colors and styles I want.m10m