Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Dream: Tiny Victorian Cottage

If you can't find me this week, pretty sure it's because I ran off to this magical Tiny Victorian Cottage in the Catskills! I think I could talk Ms. Foster into doing a housing swap, don't you think?Ms. Foster renovated this little hunting cabin on a $3000 budget and has created her dream shabby chic retreat, even though it doesn't have a kitchen or a bathroom.
Seriously, this looks like a little bit of heaven! Can you just imagine waking up to the sound of chirping birds, a soft breeze, and the sunshine!
The chandeliers sparkle with grace as they float from the ceiling.
These salvaged doors frame the gorgeous stacks of Limoges china.

Ms. Foster, it looks stunning! Wow, can you believe she renovated this place herself! When Ms. Foster is not retreating in her gorgeous cottage, she resides across the stream in this 1971 mobile home with her husband Mr. Foster. The simple life...oh how I miss thee!

I highly suggest checking out the entire story at New York Times!

Photo credit: Trevor Tondro


  1. this is insanely perfect, I cannot belive what she has done! amazing.

  2. INSANELY perfect! I just lovelovelove it! I could move in tomorrow!
    Gorgeous. Hope you will be ok with me reposting this! xD

  3. easy to keep clean. perhaps just a weekender option. i typically like my houses a little bigger.

  4. @Birds in the Garage: Everyone should see:-)
    @Rebecca: This is the perfect weekender option!

  5. What you achieved is what I'm hoping/trying to achieve one day.