Monday, October 11, 2010

Giorgio Possenti

I'm just going to let your jaw drop as you take a look at the interior photography of Giorgio Possenti.   I sit here dreaming of mountains and snow as the first days of summer hit Southern California...again.  I feel the warmth and the character within each one of these spaces even though the colors are neutral and the elements are raw.
the double sided sofa is genius!  This is something I've been seeing so much of lately and loving them more and more.
to just lie here under the moonlight and the sparkly skies with my favorite book and glass of wine.
the sheepskin rugs make wood bench look so cozy.
it's like there's a grizzly bear on the bed.
love how the modern light fixture contrasts with raw concrete.
ummm yeah...everyone come over for a dinner party pretty please!
all images via Giorgio Possenti

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