Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black and White Floors

Every year I think I'll get over my black and white obsession, but you know what it's just not happening...and I'm OK with that.  I am absolutely loving these black and white floors and would paint the floors in my apartment in a heartbeat if I could!  The handpainted ceramic tiles are stunning as well!  I just finished up a project where we did not have the budget to install new tile, so we painted the ceramic tile floors instead.  They are gorgeous I must say!  Final install is on Sunday, so I'll post pics soon!

now here's an idea...apply vinyl to the floor and just design anything you want!  I'm obsessed with illustration almost as much as I'm obsessed with black and white, so this one is my favorite!

images via Apartment 34, The Shiny Pebble, Wide Open Spaces, Olli Hemmendorff

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