Friday, January 7, 2011

Feeling Pink

Happy Friday!  Hope your first week of 2011 was a good one!  I'm kinda freaking out about all these random deaths of black birds, doves, fish, and crabs what about you?!  So for this reason I'm just going to think about pink or something like that cuz it's just so darn innocent and sweet. 
Ice skating in the sun, surrounded by flowers, with a goose on your head, now this is life:-)
I need some more pink in my life!  If I had this pink dining table maybe I'd have more dinner parties...Goal for 2011!
A bubble bath with my Tokyo Milk No 02  would be so good in this pink bathroom and in this beautiful clawfoot tub.  As my mom says if this scent was to have a color it would be Light Pink.  Thanks Mom, this was the best gift ever!
Bubble Bath and then breakfast in bed.  Yeah this soft pink room is NICE!  And I know it smells like Tokyo Milk NO 02!

images via Shona Heath, vtwonen, unknown, and NibsBlog

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