Thursday, September 23, 2010

Design Milk: The Beat Boxed 18

Check out my latest Beat Boxed for Design Milk.
Next month will be The Beat Boxed 1st birthday so please send me any suggestions of artists you would love to see.  You can take a look at all of the Beat Boxed posts right here.  Also please share any ideas and comments because I love to hear your thoughts!
Five things to know about The Naked and Famous:
1. The first time I heard the song Young Blood on KCRW its pure energy shot through me and shocked me out of my morning trance.
2. They are from Auckland, New Zealand.  One of my favorite places!
3. The Naked and Famous is an awesome name and they took it from the lyrics of a Tricky song.
4. They just won the APRA Silver Scroll, New Zealand’s most prestigious songwriting award, for their number one single Young Blood.
5. Their video for Young Blood rocks and is directed by the über-talented Special Problems. Don’t trust me though…check it out for yourself NOW!
The music of The Naked and Famous magically makes me feel carefree and at ease. As it plays, all my favorite things in the world start flashing through my mind. My favorite country in the world is New Zealand, my favorite place to be is outdoors, and an outdoor shower on the mountainside… yeah that’s in my dreams! Oh and music, well it just makes my world go round. So take a look into The Naked and Famous inspired “room” (aka outdoor shower on the mountainside in New Zealand) and see my dreams come true! After you spend just a bit here you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated just as the music makes you do. 
1. Hills Clubhouse Patterson Architecture 2. Dyno Outdoor Shower by My Your 3. Chameledeon Lights 4. Oil Lamp 5. Tambor Table + Arpa Lounge Chair
Rock The House” this back-to-the-basics project transcends the simplicity of nature in its most usual forms. This guest house was carefully fabricated on the rocky coastlines of Spain. It blurs the lines between architecture and landscape and appears to be just another mossy colored boulder on the coastline. It’s not that at all. “It’s a piece of nature built with our own hands,” García-Abril says. “A space within a stone that blends with the surroundings. A contemplative space, a little poem.” The music of The Naked and Famous speaks the same way to me. Their latest album Passive Me, Aggressive You isn’t genre-breaking or even genre-defining, but it quickly dives into you, makes you feel all giddy, and carves out its own magical space on the inside.

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