Friday, August 13, 2010

Fall Color Palette

When I saw the flyer the other day that read LABOR DAY, I was like what the hey! I cannot believe summer is on it's way out. My true love lies in fall, so rather than being bummed that summer is passing away I got excited about this fresh start.
This is the color palette I'm obsessing over for this season. The deep dusty teals and grays, mixed with the shimmery golds, glossy blacks, and pops of bold. I'm still loving the rustic elements mixed with the clean sleek lines, but I'm liking things a bit more refined. I'm gradually weaning away from my black and white obsession from last season, but still obsessing over white and gray hardwood floors!

images: Day DK, Per Magnus Persson, Ditte Isager, Margot Pandone

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