Monday, March 12, 2012

Manhattan Beach Modern Masterpiece.

Here is a peek into one of my most recently completed projects:

I am so happy that we finally got pictures of this amazing property.  It was a pleasure working with Michael Lee Architects on this Manhattan Beach project.  He created the most gorgeous space to work within and I think the result is incredible.  Michael Lee maximized the square footage on this small corner lot and captured views from every angle imaginable! This 4-story home opens up on every level to let the fresh air and the light penetrate through creating a treehouse-like effect. The windows on the top level pocket into the walls on all sides which allows the home to be completely open to the ocean air while the glass railing makes you to feel like you're floating out into the ocean.

The fireplace wall is a main feature on the upper level and I addressed the feature wall like it was a work of art. The floating Caesarstone base suspends across the room and acts as a platform for the remaining elements on this wall. The walnut components storage from Pianca hides all of the entertainment components in a clean and elegant manner. The tall white laquer units frame the television while keeping the lines sleek and clean without compromising on storage. I'd love to relax in this simple and elegant space where the fireplace and the stars sparkle together!

This gorgeous "Mood" Kitchen, from Scavolini,in a gunmetal gray matte laquer combined with the white glossy laquer flows into this open plan with ease. Furniture-like in its aesthetic and chef-like in it's function, the kitchen becomes a primary feature of the house. Sharing an upper level with the living room, this is by far the most used room of the house. The porcelain tiles look and feel like concrete, but the radiant heating provides the warmth, coziness, and practicality this home needs. 
When these beautiful sliding walnut doors open, the ocean view awaits. You can sit and soak in this undermount tub and look at the stars reflecting off the water! Porcelain wall tiles resembling a natural stone, a solid color Italian porcelain floor, and the natural walnut combine perfectly to create a spa-like feel in this open master bathroom. You can't go wrong with the clean lines and soft edges of these modern Italian bathroom vanity from Idea Group.

Float down these stairs...
...and let this natural stone lead you from the indoors, out. Layers of natural walnut, concrete, stone, and laquer combine throughout this interior to make this modern coastal living masterpiece feel warm and organic.  
Hope you've had a great tour of the Kim's Modern Manhattan Beach Residence. A vacation awaits as you step outside this door. This is coastal living at its best!   

Images: Manufactur
All finish materials: See Materials

West Hollywood Modern

Phew...another gorgeous project complete.  This West Hollywood Project sold only after a couple weeks on the market.  The gorgeous modern interior, the unique mix of materials, and the close attention to detail really make this place unique.
The Scavolini Kitchen is a mix of white glossy laquer and an anthracite gray matte glass.  Pure white Caesarstone countertops really brighten up this kitchen.  The window backsplash is a great detail and allows the beautifully landscaped hard to be an extension of the interior.
Caesarstone treads and the glass railing on the floating stairs have a sculptural effect inside this volume.  

Modern porcelain slabs from Lea Ceramiche are a great solution for a modern fireplace.  The Caesarstone bench floats across and dies into the wall creating a ledge for accessories, plants, or books.

The view in this Master Bathroom is incredible.  The freestanding bathtub contrasts nicely against the beautiful Italian Faux Wood Porcelain Tile.  Again that window backsplash brings the outdoors in.

The fireplace in the master bedroom mimics the one downstairs.  The light gray porcelain slabs create a very natural and serene feel in the bedroom.  The wide plank oiled natural oak floors add a softness to the room and a very organic feel to this clean and modern space.

Developers: Zamir Bros.

Century City Condo Lobby Remodel

Budget: $7,000.00 (including furniture, materials, and labor)
Project Description: To transform this extremely outdated 1980's condo lobby into a classic modern space that the residents would want to relax in.

A dark grayish blue velvet fabric on a modern sofa with clean lines creates a very classic look.  The dark wood keeps things sophisticated while the large bold artwork adds color and character to the space. 

We removed the large mirrors which made this small space seem very busy and even more outdated.  We painted the tile floors with a dark gray epoxy paint.  This was a great way to change the flooring on a budget.

The front doors were painted in a high gloss black paint and the old brass handles were plated in a satin nickel finish.  Replating old hardware is a great way to repurpose and bring the beauty back to existing pieces.

The table is a great place for the residents to sit and read the mail, address the envelopes, or just do some work while they are waiting for guests.



Photo Credit: Kendra Remedios

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Soothing. Inspiring. Dreaming.

After 7 years of living in Venice I finally took the leap and moved away from the beach!  I'm pretty sure I had an anxiety attack.  I thought I was going to miss it like crazy!  I was scared of all these new the new shower being too small, the light fixtures not being right, parking, the location of the stove,  and all these silly things.   But I LOVE my new home and I really don't miss my old home one bit.  I let it go and moved on.  And with this I want to get rid of all of my old stuff, my rainbow bright colored stuff, and just clear the choas out of my home.  I have been so inspired by the interior of this modern Australian farmhouse and would move here in an instant.  I want to infuse as much of this style into my home as possible.  I've gradually been getting rid of some of my favorite pieces and am still looking for more perfect pieces to create our soothing modern yet eclectic home!

And here's a glimpse inside our new home. 

There's a lot of work to be done, but this space will continue to keep me inspired!  We'll be shopping for the following: New Rug, Pillows, Curtains, Paint Color, Shelves, Lamps, Plants, and the list goes on!  I'll post pics as I go!
images via Design Files

Friday, October 21, 2011

Live By This.

I try, and I am going to continue to try, and I am going to continue to try even harder to live by this every single day.   


Hotel Du Marc of Veuve Clicquot

The Hôtel du Marc is a HOME. We like to think that ''Architects build houses. Human beings build homes''. The Hôtel du Marc is soulful, warm, inviting; a memorable place and experience.
Sabina Belli

The detail.
traditional elegance meets red  neon chandelier by Jugnet + Clairet.

the reflection.
that moulding. that floor. that sculpture. that wall color.
such simple elegance.
stunning.  like fine jewelry.
the experience.

Gosh wouldn't it be wonderful to be one of the first lucky guests to stay at the newly renovated Hotel Du Marc of Veuve Clicquot in Reims, France.  Well Costas over at Yatzer was and I'm a bit jealous!  All I have is a Veuve Clicquot pillow that an unnamed someone somehow managed to bring back from a party in New Zealand.  I guess this pillow, these amazing photos, and this interview with Sabina, the International Marketing Manager, and the first lady behind Bruno Moinard's incredible design will just take my breath away for now!  Until next time...when hopefully I'll be sipping on some champagne and experiencing this for myself! xx

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Perfectly Imperfected Elisa Nalin

For some reason tonight I cannot sleep.  I've been tossing and turning in bed for about 4  So I get up to maybe try sleeping on my half moon shaped sofa (the most comfortable thing in the world) and make a pit stop to check out some inspiring stuff on the internet and come across this amazing home of stylist and shoe designer Elisa Nalin over at The Selby!  I'm in love!  There's something about the view into an artist's home that is so inspiring to me.  I spend my days designing for others and I try to create something that's so perfect for each and every client.  But what is perfection?  Is it a perfectly organized closet with the exact accessories needed, is it the perfect refrigerator built in completely flush and plumb and so concealed you don't know it's there, does the lamp work perfectly with the accessory for that side table. There are times when we worry so much about perfection we forget who we are.  Do I work perfectly in this space, my imperfections and all.  Does it speak my story and my language?  Elisa's story is pure and perfect!  Love. Love. Love.
this would make me smile daily.
I'm no shoe designer and my shoes are not designer, but this is an amazing idea for shoes in my space.  I tried to get rid of shoes so I laid them all out on the floor they covered my entire bedroom floor...about 88 pairs and I'm sure it's grown since.  Every day I'm like I need to do something about my stinkin shoes.   So I put them back in the plastic container and shove them under my bed and have no idea what's even there. 
Oh and my closet this is a whole nother story.  About 3 feet wide and jam packed full.  I just need to clean this sucker out and throw stuff away.   I always wish I could just have a hanging rack with the perfect amount of perfectly colored clothes, but I know what's not going to happen.  Mine would look like this and i guess be perfectly imperfect.  
 I want this Snoopy!  She has the cutest toy collection EVER!
love the rug.
 Where can I find this vanity?!

I'm making this mobile!
The heart lamp and the hanging necklaces and the pile of magazines...gotcha!
Last chance to make sure you look "perfect" before you step out for your day...
And step into this damn sexy vroom vroom.