Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Reuse of old furniture is one great way to observe Earth Day. I feel like you can get the best quality, some of the greatest designs, and that character that's missing in alot of mass produced items we see out there. Let's take a look at Upcylcing; "a reinvestment in the environment". I was recently at the Coachella Valley Music Festival, not only did it rock my socks off, but I saw the most amazing and expansive use of Upcylcing I have ever seen. You see pallets everywhere and it takes a creative crew like THE DO LAB to turn it into this Masterpiece.

Yet another use of the commom shipping pallet, the pallet chair. This is one of my favorite offices and I have had it in my inpsiration files for quite some time. The green and the yellow, although they were my high school colors, always seem fresh and cheery. This is perfect for our celebration of Earth Day.

The geniuses over there at and Made have had me drooling over these Lost and Found Stools for about 1 year. And the Lost and Found Table is amazing. I am working on the hotel project up in Oregon and I have these stools spec'd for use in the lobby. I've actually been searching for a vintage iron table base like the one shown, and it hasn't been as easy to find as I imagined. If anyone has any tips let me know!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I still love this inspiration board I put together last summer for the Amy Butler contest on Decor8. I didn't even come close to winning, but I am still waiting for the client to come along who falls in love and then we can both be winners! I just love the use of the pebble flooring, the wood ceiling, the trough sink and the freestanding tub. Click here for a link to the description of all materials. What better way to get the kiddos in the bath than to bring the outdoors in. This is such a playful bathroom, perfect for getting your little boy to clean up. You actually may not be able to get him out of here.

I absolutely love this bathroom featured in Metropolitan Home. I think the mix of the rustic stone, the clean lines on the integrated sink, the sleek wall mounted fixture, and the niche modern pendant light make for a stunning bathroom. It reminds me of something I would walk into in Rome and you gotta love Rome.
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Farmers Daughter Lincoln City

I have had so much fun working on this boutique hotel renovation in Lincoln City, Oregon. Those in Los Angeles may be familiar with Farmer's Daughter Hotel, well this is her sister and she lives with her cousin Surftides on the amazing coast of Oregon. I am giving you a glimpse of the inspiration and the final pictures will be posted this summer. Let's just say needlepoint deer bench, bentwood rocking chairs, midcentury sofas, sunflowers, shabby chic, black and white gingham, screenprint on plaid, and Amy Butler. Oh yeah let's not forget the large farm animal murals and sunflower signage. FDH Group is able to stay with the times, but not keep with the trends. Always thinking outside the box and have a very successful future ahead of them creating fabulous art hotels.

Warm Modern Inspiration

I am currently working on designing a project in the Hollywood Hills and have put together these inspiration boards. I am working with a team on this project and these boards will hopefully set the stage for this project so we all move forward on the same page. We are mixing corten steel, natural stone, and walnut, old with new, all while not creating too much of a Danish Modern feel.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Summer is almost here and the excitement is definitely in the air. As I feel the time passing by and this blog long overdue this night is calling for it to begin. I know the blog thing is being done and has been done, but I am so thankful for them. I have become a much better designer through others. I am inspired each and everyday by the lovely posts from all around the world. I'm the type of person who asks five questions at once and usually doesn't wait for the last answer before asking another. I have a strong desire and passion to learn and continuous yearning to see and do something different and new. Through this blog I am going to expand my knowledge each and every day and I hope for comments and questions so we can all inspire and challenge one another. Inspiration is everywhere and I am going to be having creativity sessions and contests, so as readers you can become connected to one another. I am really excited for this to begin and hope we can grow together along the way. Much love + peace!

I think my heart just skipped a beat. These Tulip Fields in the Netherlands are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I am so inspired by nature and this takes it to another level. It makes me want to begin a painting, making fabrics, creating graphics. Wow!